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How it Works

Send automated birthday wishes in just 3 easy steps

Create your Messages

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Sit back and Relax!

Subscription Features

Via Birthday Buddy Schedules

Compatible with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Email*
Send fully automated birthday posts to all friends
Schedule within minutes when to send wishes
Create 10 unique birthday message templates***
Upload and send photos with your messages
Skip particular friends using the Do-Not-Wish List
Use [NAME] and [FULL_NAME] to personalize wishes
Insert emojis into your messages to add pizzazz
Receive daily reports showing automated wishes sent**
More Subscription Features coming soon...

Premium Subscription Features

All of the above AND...

Manage 10 message templates unique to each Schedule***
Send automated Direct Messages on Facebook
More Premium Features coming soon...

* Subscription version is compatible with both prior and new version of Facebook (pre and post 2020 update). Subscription version is also compatible with sending fully-automated LinkedIn birthday wishes (direct messages) to Connections and fully-automated email birthday wishes to personal email lists.

** Reports are currently sent for Facebook Schedules. They will eventually be rolled out to other Schedule types

*** With a Subscription Plan, you may manage up to 10 customizable wishes to be shared across all your Facebook and LinkedIn Schedules If you have 3 Facebook Schedules and 2 LinkedIn Schedules, the same 10 messages will be shared across each Schedule. With a Premium Subscription Plan, you may still manage the 10 shared wishes, but in addition, you may manage up to 10 customiable wishes for each Schedule. If you have 3 Facebook Schedules and 2 LinkedIn Schedules, each Schedule (5 total in this scenario) may have a different set of 10 messages to be used per Schedule. That is up to 50 messages that you can create (not including the shared messages). More Schedules means more customizable messages!

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