Published on: 2021-07-10
Last updated: 2021-07-10

New Feature - Direct Facebook Messages

Birthday Buddy has released a new feature. Automated direct-messages on Facebook! This allows you to send messages directly to your friends DM-style.

What do you mean… new feature (AKA didn't Birthday Buddy already automate birthday wishes for Facebook)?

Up until today, all Birthday Buddy Facebook Schedules allowed one to do was to send automated Facebook timeline birthday wishes using one of your 10 Default Account Birthday Templates (if you are a regular Subscribed user) or one of your 10 Schedule messages (if you are a Premium Subscribed user).

With the new feature of Facebook Direct-Messages, you are now able to also manage up to 10 Facebook Direct-Message Templates for your Facebook Schedule.

How do I start using this new feature

In order to start sending automated direct birthday messages to your friends on Facebook, you will need to update your subscription plan to a Premium Subscription option (if you have not already done so). This may be accomplished by logging into Birthday Buddy and navigating to your Account. If you are a new user to Birthday Buddy, just select a Premium option when subscribing.

Once you are a Premium Subscriber, navigate to one of your Facebook Schedules (in the Automation page). When viewing your Facebook Schedule, you will be able to enable and disable Timeline wishes and/or Direct Message wishes:
New Feature - Direct Facebook Messages Enable Direct-Messages will remain off until you upgrade to a Premium Subscription (if you are not already) and toggle them on. click on the "Direct Messages" tab to manage your Schedule’s Direct-Message Templates.

I have Facebook Schedules running now for Timeline birthday wishes, will they stop working

This change is backwards compatible. This means that the way you use Birthday Buddy today remains unchanged if you make no changes. If you are not using this new feature (either you are not a Premium Subscriber or you are a Premium Subscriber that has not managed their Facebook Schedule’s Direct-Messages yet), then your Timeline wishes will automatically be set to "On."

What if I set up both Timeline and Direct-Messages

When your Facebook Schedule goes to work each day, it will first check to see if your Schedule has Timeline and/or Direct-Messages enabled. If so, it will try to use each of the respective set of messages to automatically wish any friends with birthdays on that day one of your 10 templated wishes.

If you have any questions and want to talk about it with me, feel free to reach out to blog@bdaybud.com

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