Published on: 2020-08-15
Last updated: 2020-08-28

You may be wondering what is Birthday Buddy.

Birthday Buddy is a tool that provides a rich set of features to help automate birthday wishing across social media platforms.

The application started off in the year 2014 with a very basic set of features and the only offering was the free version, the Google Chrome Extension, that provided some automation around Facebook birthday wishing. Reviewing the description in the Extension Store will paint a rich history the many iterations that Birthday Buddy has evolved from in past years.

The first version did not even let users customize their own messages. It used one of three pre-set messages!

Fast-forward to today, Birthday Buddy has over 11,000 users and has a fully-automated, set-it and forget-it version that allows its users to set up Schedules for Facebook, Linkedin, and personal Email contact lists.

You are able to manage up to 10 customizable birthday wishes, and each message can include an image (that you upload), emojis, and the birthday person’s first name and/or full name! You can also manage a Do-Not-Wish List to avoid sending automated wishes to specific friends.

The full set of features is here (and is kept up-to-date):

The best part about Birthday Buddy is, just like us humans, learning new skills as it gets older. Birthday Buddy is constantly receiving updates with new features! That means the best is yet to come (Just like all of us, too!). All subscribed users automatically benefit from the latest features of Birthday Buddy.

The goals of this blog are to:
  • Announce new Birthday Buddy features.
  • Provide documentation for using current and new features.
  • Give helpful ideas for birthday parties and gifts.
  • News as it relates to birthdays from around the world.
  • Everything and anything birthday related.

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